International news

Created on 06.08.2020 09:12 The American company will present a new generation supersonic aircraft Created on 05.08.2020 11:37 IATA informed what scares passengers during flights amid COVID-19 Created on 04.08.2020 09:45 Hi Fly Airlines has showed the world's first cargo Airbus A380 Created on 03.08.2020 15:35 Saudi Arabia would build an airport, looking like a desert mirage Created on 30.07.2020 09:40 Qatar Airways has introduced additional protections for passengers Created on 29.07.2020 10:57 Business aviation activity has recovered to 70% of pre-crisis level Created on 28.07.2020 09:49 Chinese amphibious aircraft operated its first flight at sea Created on 24.07.2020 11:23 El Al has suspended flights; the existence of the airline is in doubt Created on 23.07.2020 10:22 Dubai Airport is fully opened for international travelers Created on 22.07.2020 16:10 Lufthansa shareholders approved a state aid package adoption Created on 20.07.2020 11:12 Boeing 737 MAX has started testing in the United States Created on 16.07.2020 11:12 Final Gulfstream G550 was sold Created on 10.07.2020 11:18 Airbus would reduce 15 thousand employees due to the pandemic consequences Created on 08.07.2020 10:31 Wizz Air hopes to get ahead of competitors Created on 07.07.2020 10:43 IATA has called 2020 the worst in aviation history Created on 02.07.2020 09:19 Lufthansa promises to return all tourists free of charge in case of new pandemic Created on 30.06.2020 09:18 IATA has developed an interactive map for travelers during the COVID-19 period Created on 26.06.2020 09:49 Turkish Airlines will offer a 40% discount for doctors worldwide Created on 24.06.2020 08:36 Indian airlines take care of passenger safety in the middle row Created on 23.06.2020 08:43 European Commission blocked the air to Armenia Created on 19.06.2020 11:39 Boeing concern resumes the 737 MAX aircraft production Created on 18.06.2020 11:59 The United Airlines sews masks for customers from the old staff clothing Created on 17.06.2020 14:07 Korean Air has launched a new passenger baggage tracking service Created on 12.06.2020 17:01 Turkish Airlines intends to resume flights Created on 11.06.2020 16:56 Boeing will send 2.5 thousand employees on unpaid leave Created on 10.06.2020 16:26 Emirates Airlines resumes flights and distributes travel hygiene kits to passengers Created on 08.06.2020 16:12 Qatar Airways launches the most flexible tariff policy amid the pandemic Created on 04.06.2020 15:22 Airbus will establish a device detecting an existence of any virus in aircrafts Created on 03.06.2020 11:42 Emirates canceled free Wi-Fi and live broadcasts during a flight Created on 02.06.2020 16:55 Lufthansa intends to use “solar fuel” for aircrafts