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Created on 21.09.2023 17:04 Creation of an aviation cargo hub: A new perspective for the economy of Kazakhstan Created on 18.09.2023 16:04 Kazakhstan will host the ICAO Regional Symposium on the ICAO Traveler Identification Programme for the first time Created on 14.09.2023 11:41 Air Astana commissions new Flight Training Centre Created on 08.09.2023 13:58 Boosting States' aerodrome certification capacity Created on 04.09.2023 15:48 ICAO Air Navigation World 2023 – Shaping the Skies of Tomorrow Created on 25.08.2023 14:05 CANSO launches Global Safety Achievement Award 2023 Created on 21.08.2023 15:28 Progress towards implementing cleaner energies for global aviation Created on 15.08.2023 11:00 Singapore unveils industry transformation map to position aviation sector for the future Created on 08.08.2023 08:55 Air Cargo Contraction Eases in June Created on 04.08.2023 14:28 Turkish Airlines will turn its division into a major low-cost carrier Created on 01.08.2023 10:51 Boosting States' aerodrome certification capacity Created on 27.07.2023 15:17 ICAO and WCO update guidance to help mitigate air cargo security threats Created on 24.07.2023 16:20 Dronamics cargo drone operator is the first in the world who get IATA and ICAO codes Created on 17.07.2023 08:45 AirNav Indonesia hosts CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2023 Created on 12.07.2023 08:57 Global aviation summit calls for urgency on gender equality Created on 27.06.2023 14:45 Turkish Airlines has been named Best Airline in Europe Created on 23.06.2023 10:34 The best airlines in the world in 2023 Created on 20.06.2023 11:04 First sustainable aviation fuel batches certified under CORSIA Created on 16.06.2023 17:05 States agree to heighten aviation safety, security and sustainability through enhanced ICAO support for implementation Created on 13.06.2023 16:25 EUROCONTROL and ICAO strengthen cooperation to improve aircraft tracking around the globe Created on 06.06.2023 15:01 CANSO partners with Infina to launch new ANSP Learning portal Created on 01.06.2023 14:30 New professional programme to boost aviation regulators' and managers' abilities to address challenges Created on 29.05.2023 15:37 ICAO Global Implementation Support Symposium 2023 Created on 26.05.2023 14:20 Face recognition to replace boarding passes at Berlin airport Created on 25.05.2023 14:29 The First Kazakhstan Aviation Talks focus on reducing emissions in the aviation industry Created on 22.05.2023 17:10 New committee for Asia Pacific region to enhance collaboration among air navigation service providers Created on 19.05.2023 15:24 EUROCONTROL’s integrated flow management position (iFMP) now operational at the Karlsruhe Upper Area Control Centre (KUAC) of DFS Created on 16.05.2023 16:24 Indian Oil plans to build first Green Jet Fuel Plant Created on 10.05.2023 14:13 Emirates Launches World’s First Robot Check-In Assistant, Sara Created on 05.05.2023 15:37 Air Travel Growth Continues in March