Our company


  • Date of foundation – 1995
  • Controlled airspace - 2,757,300 sq. km.
  • Number of international routes - 12 major, 6 - cross-polar
  • The total length of the air routes – 83, 876 km
  • Air corridors with neighboring states – 73
  • On average, about 220 thousand flights are serviced per year
  • More than 700 aircraft are controlled daily (during peak periods)


Mission                                                                                             Vision

The provision of safe and qua lity air navigation air traffic        Thr most effective provider of air navigation 

service in accordance with international standards and            services in the Eurasian region (by 2025).

promotion of the civil aviation industry development.


Areas of activity

  • Planning and maintenance of air traffic in the airspace and in the aerodrome areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Operation of radio technical support for flights and communications
  • Providing aeronautical information to airspace users of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Safety management
  • Aviation security provision
  • Meteorological flight support
  • Ab-initio training, retraining, refresher training of workers in the civil aviation industry
  • Aviation medical activities, aviation personnel certification in the civil aviation industry


Development Strategy

The current level and prospects for the civil aviation development all over the world pose new challenges for the Enterprise in improving the airspace use and air traffic management, ensuring a high level safety, implementation of new technologies in the country’s air navigation system. To meet new challenges, in December 2015, the Development Program until 2025 of Enterprise was adopted and in January 2017 the Development Plan for the Air Navigation System of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2017-2019.


Purposes and objectives of development:

Purpose 1. Reduction of operating costs of airspace users of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Increase of aerodromes availability of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Improvement of operational efficiency of flights by optimizing descent and climbing procedure
  • Increase flexibility in the airspace use in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Purpose 2. Improvement the quality of air navigation services

  • Implementation of promising surveillance methods
  • Development of a flight management system
  • Development of aeronautical information management system

Purpose 3. Increase the economic efficiency of the Enterprise

  • Maintenance of effective tariff, budgetary and investment policies
  • Development of specialized centers


Expected results:

  • Annual fuel efficiency in the performance of takeoff and landing operations - 2% (since 2019);
  • Reduction of non-productive flying by 1.5% by 2019;
  • Increase the efficiency of horizontal flight on the route by 10% by 2020;
  • Increase of transit traffic by 10% by 2020, by 30% by 2025