We are 20 years

May 10, 1994 - “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE was established by the Cabinet of Ministers Decision of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 10, 1994 № 489 P940489.

June 22, 1995 – “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE is separated  from National joint-stock airline “Kazakhstan Aue Joly” by the Order of the Ministry of Transport and Communications dated June 22, 1995 N 133 in order to ensure the functioning of a single technological air traffic control system of the Republic to meet the needs of all airspace users.

1996 – The beginning of process of staged establishment of basic platform of the national ATM system.

2002-2005 – The complete replacement of all radio aids of VHF range “air – ground” was conducted. More than 350 transceivers at 28 positions were established. During the reconstruction this communication network was radically optimized, that fundamentally improved its reliability and efficiency.

2005-2007 - The establishment of the ATC automated system Center in Astana. ATC automated system “SkyLine” was selected as the basic air traffic control automated system, fully complying with the functional and technical requirements.

2007-2009 - The establishment of the Center ATC automated system in the city of Aktobe. For the first time in the CIS the remote control points “Tower” technology was used. They are in the airports Uralsk, Atyrau and Aktau at  distances from 500 to 1500 km from the ATC center of Aktobe and are part of it, are controlled from it. Thus, there is a real technical possibility to control the movement of aircraft at any stage of the flight from a single center.

2010 - The construction of a digital telecommunications network for transmitting all kinds of information was completed. The Network Control Center is located in Almaty. The network has two independent segments:  ground and satellite.

2010-2012 - The completion of the national ATM system. This stage included the execution of the three main objectives: the organization of ATC center in Almaty, 12 remote integrated towers, software update of Astana and Aktobe centers.

2012 - 2015 - The transition to the use of the World Geodetic System (WGS-84) in accordance with Government Resolution dated  May 5, 2010 №376 “On implementation World Geodetic Coordinate System 1984 (WGS-84)  in the CA of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”