Enhanced safety engineering responsibility for coronavirus pandemics

Created on 07.08.2020 09:23

         With the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic, the load also fell on a specialist - an engineer on occupational safety and health in the Atyrau branch of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsiya". The whole work of the Occupational Safety and Health Engineer is aimed at creating safe working conditions. Its primary task is to organize health and safety measures, and she checks every day the presence of a mask, disinfectants for hands and for treatment of premises to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading in the branch.

          Health and Safety Engineer of the Atyrau branch of Tashenova Gulnar Zinullaeyvna, a 17-year-old girl, came to work in civil aviation, which she dreamed of in her childhood. She has worked in the field of civil aviation for 31 years, including 18 years as a safety and health engineer. Working for many years in the same field, she grew into a professional in her field and with the outbreak of the pandemic, she became a true " fighter " health and safety specialist. She is very demanding in terms of cleanliness and order in her offices and premises, and she is constantly supervising them. We support her colleagues in their desire to improve everything around her and in their desire to make the work process safer and safer, and we understand that she has an increased responsibility to comply with and implement anti-epidemic measures. We wish her success in all her endeavours, and that her work will bring only joy.