Lufthansa promises to return all tourists free of charge in case of new pandemic

Created on 02.07.2020 09:19

Karsten Spor, Lufthansa CEO, has promised all customers to return them free of charge in case of new pandemic wave, according to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “No one will be forgotten and abandoned,” he declined.

Lufthansa introduces Home-Coming-Guarantee program, designed for passengers who may lose return tickets from abroad due to a pandemic. Under these measures, passengers  who have or might have the coronavirus symptoms located abroad, they will be quarantined, and if a new wave of infection indicates the host country, Lufthansa will extract these customers free of charge.

At the moment,  maximum safety measures have been taken on the carrier’s aircrafts: wearing of masks is mandatory, air conditioning systems are being cleaned, etc.