Indian airlines take care of passenger safety in the middle row

Created on 24.06.2020 08:36

Civil Aviation Authority of India has issued new requirements to ensure the safety of passenger traffic. The agency has obliged all airlines to provide passengers, occupying seats in the middle row, with special protective equipment as a robe, according to Simple Flying.

Reportedly,  the innovation would allow Indian carriers to maintain a peak load of each flight. Previously, due to COVID-19, all the company's middle seats have been empty, that subsequently the number of passengers carried was reduced. “We have discussed a new transportation option with both the airline industry and healthcare experts. I believe this is a good protection option during air travel at such a difficult time,”said Ronohoy Datta, Director General of IndiGo.

It should be noted, Indian air carriers are also prescribed other safety requirements under the spread of coronavirus. Airlines are obliged to provide crew members and their customers by a face mask and hand sanitizer, during the flight it is not allowed to deliver food or drinking water (only in exceptional cases that threaten human health). During the flight, the air in the cabin must be cleaned as often as the air conditioning system allows, and the toilet rooms must be regularly disinfected.