Awarding the “Kurmetti Aviator” badge at the Kostanay branch of “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE

Created on 26.02.2024 13:43

Mr. Dildibekov, the flight supervisor of ATS Service at the Kostanay branch was awarded the “Kurmetti Aviator” badge for many years of work in the field of civil aviation.
Over the years of his work in aviation, Mr. Dildibekov made a great contribution to the development of the ATS Service, proved himself to be a competent specialist in his field, shared his vast professional experience to his colleagues and young specialists. Having 44 years of work experience in various positions, Mr. Dildibekov is well respected and has authority with the team.
On behalf of all the staff-members of Kostanay branch, the attending colleagues sincerely congratulated Mr. Dildibekov with receiving a well-deserved award, which is a direct confirmation of his high personal qualities. They wished him a further successful path in life, the fulfillment of his plans, and the early realization of ambitious goals.