China is ready to compete with Boeing and Airbus

Created on 23.01.2023 10:05

China is ready to compete with Boeing and Airbus

The Chinese state-owned aerospace company COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China) declared intention to conquer the Chinese single-aisle market in the coming years by presenting themselves in other countries. The newest Chinese narrow-body aircraft COMAC C919 is designed to operate 156-190 passengers.

The Chinese aerospace concern intends to produce up to 150 aircrafts annually over the next five years. In the future, China would be able to compete with such recognized monsters as Airbus and Boeing. Among interested parties are almost entirely Chinese carriers and some foreign lessors. As the state carrier expects, flights will begin in the spring of 2023, by which time manufacturers should be able to deliver the C919s to airlines, thereby providing a wide service network across the country.

According to experts, China's booming aviation market will seize the chance to acquire a domestic narrow-body aircraft, despite the Airbus placed a record order for 292 aircrafts in just one day in the Celestial Empire last year. Preliminary reports indicate that the price of the COMAC C919 has risen sharply from initial estimates by making it more difficult to sell in developing countries. However, the outlook may become more predictable when the number of flights grows and the aircraft will demonstrate its power.