The Israel's primary airport will be digital in 2023

Created on 16.09.2022 15:40

The Israel Airports Authority (IAA) officials have announced that Ben Gurion Airport that is located in Lod (14.5 kilometers from Tel Aviv) will be digital in 2023.

Since global airports are overloaded and the travel demand is not satisfied, the IAA officials stated that digital transformation would contribute to the reduction of long queues at check-in and screening. Ben Gurion is currently one of the busiest airports in the Middle East. According to the IAA, 18 million passengers will be passing through the airport in 2022, thereby rising up to 24 million passengers in next year.

Passengers will be able to weigh their suitcases, pay for overweight in accordance with current airline procedures, and print baggage tags and stickers through the modern digitization process. The luggage sticker will be scanned next to the conveyor belts, and thence over a luggage goes into the cargo hold.