ENAIRE enhances safety with a new voice communications system in Seville

Created on 03.08.2022 15:22

ENAIRE has implemented a new Last Resort Voice (LRV) system in the contingency room of its Seville Air Control Centre. This system will be installed in the five control centres and respective contingency centres, and in three terminal approach areas.

This system is used for voice communications over both radio, with aircraft, and the telephone, with controllers from other facilities.

This new LRV system replaces the previous ones used and, once the programme is fully implemented, will provide the following benefits:

· Increased capacity of the radio and telephone resources available to air traffic controllers.

· New functionalities for processing communications and the information provided to users about their status.

 · Division of airspaces integrated into the Automated Air Traffic Control System (SACTA).

· Greater versatility to establish procedures that trigger a contingency.

· Full integration into ENAIRE's IP communications network, making it easier to migrate to a VoIP environment and phase out older interfaces.

· Increase the technical staff's control capacity and ability to monitor the system's status.