Passengers will pay for sustainable aviation fuel

Created on 13.01.2022 14:21

From January 10, airlines of the Franco-Dutch group (Air France and KLM) impose financial charges for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Representatives explained that additional charges are intended to compensate for the higher cost of sustainable fuel, which is the key in reducing the environmental footprint of commercial aircrafts.

Air carriers will also offer their passengers the opportunity to pay for additional SAF, thereby contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions during the flight. Air France stated the additional fuel charge ranges from € 1 to € 4 in Economy Class and from € 1.5 to € 12 in Business Class, depending on the distance. The Netherlands has not yet indicated the percentage of SAF fuel required, but KLM supposed that the percentage will be 0.5% on flights departing from Amsterdam.

“Aviation transport will be changed in the future and SAF will play a key role in this process. We are aware that the 0.5% ratio and the relevant passenger fee is a very small step, but it is an important step in the right direction, and we hope that other airlines will follow us", KLM stated.