British Airways will refuel its aircrafts with vegetable oil

Created on 31.12.2021 08:46

British Airways is the first airline worldwide that uses a sustainable aviation fuel produced commercially in the UK. In December, British Airways signed an agreement with a local refinery on procurement of sustainable low-carbon aviation fuel that can be produced from renewable raw materials, including waste vegetable oils and lubricants.

Airline aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and next-generation fuels are playing a significant role. The airline stated the new fuel would reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 100,000 tonnes, equivalent to 700 zero-CO2 flights between London and New York operated by Boeing 787.

Project skeptics argue that sustainable fuels have a long way to go in overcoming viable financial option for airlines. The new product cost is four to five times higher than conventional kerosene, so airlines would need a government support. However, the use of waste vegetable oil is not the only emission reduction technology.