Lufthansa introduced new aircraft cabins

Created on 16.09.2021 11:13

German Lufthansa has received the first Airbus A321neo equipped by a new Airspace Cabin. The concept will be used on the new medium-haul Airbus A320s and will be represented at Lufthansa fleet and its subsidiaries Swiss, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings.

The main feature of the new interior are the enlarged hand luggage compartments (by 40%). According to Lufthansa, suitcases will be stacked vertically due the updated compartments, thereby the number of subjects can be increased by 60%. The second feature of the Airspace Cabin is the Human Centric Lighting LED, illuminating the interior with warm red or cool blue light and providing a transitional tone lighting.

Modifications will also be noticed by passengers using the restroom. Toilets in modern airliners are very cramped because of extra seating cabin. However, the layout of the restroom has been redesigned at Airspace Cabin, enabling passengers with limited mobility to use it.