The level of air navigation services in Kazakhstan complies with ICAO standards by 95%

Created on 13.08.2021 17:23

From 2 to 11 August, the ICAO European and North Atlantic Bureau conducted a validation mission (ICVM) as part of the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (USOAP) in the civil aviation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Under the ICAO validation mission, the Air Navigation Agency of the Civil Aviation Committee jointly with the Air Navigation Department of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan and the RSE "Kazaeronavigatsia" have done a tremendous amount of work in correcting the deficiencies in the field of air navigation services identified by the coordinated ICAO mission in 2016.

During the mission, ICAO representatives focused on the following areas related to air navigation services:

      - Safety oversight controlled by the air navigation services provider, including safety assessments, audits, safety analyzes;

     - staff qualifications involved in supervising the safety of air navigation services;

     - the Search and Rescue operation, as well as the functionality of the Search and Rescue Coordination Center;

     - amendments to regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, corresponding to ICAO standards;

     - compliance with quality control and availability of aeronautical data.

The preliminary validation result of the air navigation services revealed a significant increase in compliance with ICAO standards from 87% to 95% with an average safety level of 84% which is 15% above the global average.