The European Commission notes the improvement in the aviation safety of Kazakhstan

Created on 09.06.2021 09:10

In March this year, Flight Safety Committee of the European Commission, Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - AAK) and the Civil Aviation Committee of MIID RK (hereinafter - CAC) held a joint session. During the meeting, parties thoroughly reviewed a number of issues, concerning the flight safety in Kazakhstan and air carriers certified in our country.

Director General of the AAK Peter Griffiths and CAC's Chairman Talgat Lastayev provided a complete report, resulting in the European Commission has figured out that there are no limits for including Kazakhstan airlines in the black aviation list that are prohibited in European Union. This merit was achieved by new civil aviation approach based on the management model of advanced countries and the ongoing systematic actions of the AAK and CAC.

The European Commission concluded that Kazakhstan has made considerable efforts and progressive developments, aimed at improving the aviation safety in the country. While recognizing the progress achieved by Kazakhstan over recent years, the Commission will continue monitoring and evaluating the situation, thereby visiting Kazakhstan in order to evaluate a current situation in cooperation with EASA and the EU Member States.

The European Commission has expressed its willingness to cooperate with aviation authorities by improving the aviation safety in Kazakhstan, still ensuring that any potential safety risks are controlled.