Urdzhar Airport will be closed for the runway reconstruction

Created on 29.04.2021 15:49

From May 1, Urdzhar Airport will be closed for the runway reconstruction, approximately 4.7 billion tenge has been allocated for its maintenance, as reported by the Ministry for Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MIID).

"In order to provide a transport accessibility near the shore of Lake Alakol, the Urdzhar Akimat of the East Kazakhstan region has been implementing a reconstruction runway project, as well as the installation of light-signaling equipment at the Urdzhar airport",  the message says.

Maintenance works are expected to be completed by the end of this year. After updating, the Urdzhar airport might receive modern jet and turboprop aircrafts such as Embraer 190, Bombardier Q-400, CRJ-200, including at night, thereby increasing the tourist flow to the coast of Lake Alakol.

In the summer, the runway reconstruction is expected to be extended at the Usharal airport, Almaty region. For these purposes, the government also has allocated 4.7 billion tenge. During the maintenance of the artificial runway, such aircrafts as the AN-24 and L-410 will be landed on the unpaved runway. The MIID noted that these measures will provide uninterrupted  airport operation during the closure of the artificial runway.

Reportedly, trains and additional trailed cars will be launched in the direction of Lake Alakol due to the closure of the Urdzhar airport and the runway maintenance of the Usharal airport. From 17 June, it is planned to launch a new passenger train from Almaty to Dostyk.