Airbus has launched a travel guide app

Created on 08.04.2021 08:28

Under the sectoral initiative, aimed at developing the air travel, European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has launched a special travel guide app Tripset. It collects main information related to flights and various destinations to enable passengers in scheduling their own trips, thereby keeping confidence in aviation industry amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The new program is based on the iflyA380 app developed by Airbus in 2018 to promote the super-large A380 aircraft. Tripset has two interfaces that reflect all the flights and destinations available to passengers without reference to a specific airline, aircraft type or airport. After purchasing a ticket, the application will inform you about the procedures that will need to be followed in the country of departure and arrival. For example, is it necessary to pass a test for COVID-19, be quarantined upon arrival, wear masks, and etc.

Tripset is part of the Airbus's initiative whereby manufacturer sought to encourage confidence in aviation industry jointly with airlines, industry partners and aviation authorities. In this way, the company wants to provide safe and well-coordinated resumption of flights, is being a fundamental factor in economic recovery from the consequences of COVID-19.