Experts predict the opening of "green corridors" at airports

Created on 19.02.2021 10:42

Green corridors will be available at major international airports for passengers having digital passports. This proposal was announced at a press conference, during which experts had discussed practices, aimed at overcoming the current aviation crisis, as reported by with reference to Tourdom.

Green corridors will be available to passengers having a digital passport, thereby confirming their coronavirus vaccination or PCR test results. According to experts, such measures will not only accelerate the passport control process, but would enhance confidence in travel safety. Indeed, 95 percent of the 6,000 survey participants are afraid of getting sick on their way or being forced into isolation.

In general, experts stated that digital passports and contactless technologies are inevitable, it's the only way to overcome difficulties, giving a possibility to millions of passengers to travel again. Moreover, there are already several projects of digital passports worldwide: IATA Travel Pass and Common Pass. At the same time, vaccination should not be imposed as an indispensable condition for international flights. PCR testing, vaccination certificates, verification that a person has been ill: all the requirements should be taken into consideration when flying.