Carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by 57% in Europe

Created on 18.02.2021 10:09

In 2020, aviation restrictions imposed to counter the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a 56.9% carbon dioxide reduction in Europe compared to the previous year, according to recently released Eurocontrol's data.

This decline is almost equal to decrease in the number of flights by 54.6%. Nevertheless, these indicators are significantly different from several countries of the European Union, reflecting the features of the fleet (age and size of aircrafts), average flight range, percentage of cargo and corporate flights, the level of falling demand due to the pandemic.

Thus, despite the reduction in passenger traffic by half in Belgium, CO2 emissions have been decreased only by 30% due to the huge scale of cargo transportation. The second reason is aimed at increasing the average length of passenger flights due to cancellation short-term local flights.