Reliable access control is situated at the facilities of the Atyrau branch

Created on 15.01.2021 15:17

From 2021, Physical Access Control System (PACS) and the Integration of Video Surveillance Systems (IVSS) equipped with fire alarm systems operate at the Atyrau branch of the RSE "Kazaeronavigatsia". There are modern, convenient and effective tools for ensuring aviation security in buildings and facilities. In addition, this is a hardware-software system, based on the principle of automatic determination and access implementation on a protected object.

The CNSATM service of the Atyrau branch jointly with qualified experts of ASTEL JSC, having expertise in various issues such as PACS and IVSS equipment, connection and installation features, computer, software, local network, they were able to conduct this enormous and laborious activity, which took a lot of time. A new type of turnstile has been installed upon entering the administrative and technical facility. Several experts of the Atyrau branch attended the courses on the PACS and IVSS system for its further high-quality activity, competent administration, systematic control, and timely implementation of the necessary routine maintenance.