Estonia will issue the world's most beautiful passports

Created on 13.01.2021 09:03

From 2021, Estonia will issue a new- type passports with an unusual design, according to the Tourister with reference to the country's Police and Border Guard Department. The design of passports will be dedicated to the Estonian nature, using the symbols of the country - birds, animals and plants.

Some of the images are visible with the naked eye, others are palpable, and the third part may only be seen with a magnifying glass or in ultraviolet light. Under the ultraviolet light, the Estonian nature will be demonstrated at night: the moon, stars and the northern lights. In the "night mode", you'll be able to see the twinkling raindrops, and how the calm sea grows rough, and the sky turns blue and purple.

Initially, the Police and Border Guard Department will issue approximately 800,000 documents, and the contract for their supply will be concluded for eight years: state expenditure are covered by the state duty.