Coordination aircraft search and rescue exercise were conducted

Created on 19.11.2020 14:54

JSC "Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan" held coordination aircraft search and rescue exercise in the Almaty region. The exercise was attended by experts from the Coordination Search and Rescue Center and the ATM Service of the South-Eastern Regional ATM Center of the RSE "Kazaeronavigatsia", the rescue team of the Boralday aerodrome, the helicopter crew and representatives of  the JSC "Kazaviaspas".

Exercises were carried out under search and rescue and emergency   flight support in Civil and Experimental aviation. At the same time, depending on the type of exercise, ground forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations might be used.

According to the exercises, a tag from the air ambulance aircraft following the Almaty-Balkhash route has been disappeared from the radar indicators by day in simple weather conditions, and the crew did not answer calls from controllers through available communication channels. The ATM controllers notified the search and rescue coordination center, which determined the necessary forces and resources, as well as the proposed place. An alternate helicopter of the JSC "Kazaviaspas" with the rescue team was flown from Boralday aerodrome. After entering the search area, the crew used a tacking technique to detect a place location. Due to the well-coordinated activity of all interacting parties, the location was quickly identified and the "victims" were loaded onto the helicopter for relocating to the Boralday aerodrome.

Following the exercise, experts from the involved services attended briefings.