Safety management system

Organization and implementation of SMS aims to ensure control of hazards (threats) to minimize the impact of the ATM system in the total occurrence of accidents and incidents, as well as the utilization of all personnel associated with the implementation of the security of flights, to achieve a set of level indicators.

At the organization's SMS system approach to management of flight safety, including the necessary organizational structure, definition of the responsibilities of staff in flight safety, guidelines and procedures.

The main objectives of the SMS are:

  • determination of the actual and potential hazards to flight safety;
  • organization processes on the development and adoption of corrective action necessary to maintain an acceptable level of flight safety;
  • providing continuous monitoring and regular assessment of the level provided by the PSU.

Organization and implementation of SMS in the Company shall be in accordance with the implementation plan approved by the company's CEO and agreed with the competent authority of Kazakhstan in the field of civil aviation.
Training of staff of the Department for Safety Management:
10 specialists were trained in courses on internal audits;
6 specialists were trained in courses:

  • An introduction to the FSM;
  • Assessment of BP and risk reduction;
  • Human factors in ATM;
  • The investigation of accidents in ATM;

in 2015, planned training courses 4 experts to evaluate projects for changes to the ATM system to Eurocontrol.

SMS documentation:

Effective from 01.12.2014g Safety Management Manual (SMM). SMM copies sent to the structural subdivisions of enterprises (branches, remote location) for review.
Developed electronic forms of mandatory reporting for operational staff and ATS ERTOS, structural subdivisions of enterprises (branches, remote position) to transmit information about the event according to developed the "List of events subject to mandatory reporting", as well as a form of voluntary reporting;
Through the Internet portal of the Department of the FSM will be a phased process automation SMS. To date, the development of a database is carried out on the website for the basic processes of the SMS. Term of realization - Q3 2015.