Structural divisions

Professional training center

   Training center "Kazaeronavigation" certified aviation training center number AOS 05-04 of 31 July 2014 and provides initial training, retraining and maintain the level of professional training Enterprises and the civil aviation industry.
Training center is located in Almaty and takes 3 and 4 floors of the building at ul. Maylin 38A, administrative, support facilities, classrooms, laboratory equipment and library.

The Medical Center of «Kazaeronavigatsia» RSE

    Only one in Kazakhstan the Medical Center with an innovative focus, medical equipment, meeting international standards, with a large human potential.Besides the implementation of the expert activities, the Medical Center provides treatment, diagnostic, rehabilitation services for aviation personnel, conducts dynamic observation between commission periods.


Address: E 522 Street

Building 15

Yesil District

010014 Astana

Republic of Kazakhstan

Tel.: +7 (7172) 70-42-76

Fax: +7 (7172) 77-35-66