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“Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE consists of 3 regional centers (Central Kazakhstan Regional Center of Air Traffic Management, South East Regional Center of Air Traffic Management and West Kazakhstan Regional Center of Air Traffic Management),12 subsidiaries, Medical Center and Professional Training Center. At the present time, 92 air routes with total length of 84, 166 kilometers pass over the territory of Kazakhstan, 87 of which are international routes, the length of which is 82,561 km, the remaining 5 are domestic routes with length 1,605 km.

 The total number of air corridors on the border with the neighboring countries is 73:  

  •   with the Russian Federation - 30 
  •   withChinese People's Republic - 2
  •   with the Kyrgyz Republic - 6 
  •   with the Republic of Uzbekistan - 30 
  •   withTurkmenistan - 2 
  •   with the Republic of Azerbaijan – 3 

80% of the air transit transportation of foreign airlines over the territory of Kazakhstan pass through the 12 main routes connecting Europe with  South East Asia, routes with way out to the “cross-polar” routes of Asia (UAE, India) in the USA and Canada, as well as routes between South Asia (the Middle East ) and Europe.

 One of the advanced directions of transit flows through Kazakhstan remain transcontinental flights from the US and Canada to India, UAE, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore on “cross-polar routes”,  flights are conducted on a regular basis by the airlines of the United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan and the United States. 

Key performance indicators of the Enterprise

Air navigation system activity of Kazakhstan is characterized by the following key indicators.

During 2017 in the airspace of the Republic of Kazakhstan were served 248 754 flights, the number of flights served by Kazakhstani  airlines was 94 262,  foreign airlines (transit and landing) - 154 492.